ECEA is a powerful voice with the Colorado legislature, state regulators and the advocate community. ECEA reviews more than 600 pieces of proposed legislation annually, and takes an active role in public policy.

We maintain constant contact with legislators and the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor through our Executive Director, President, and professional lobbyists. We participate in numerous statewide committees in order to keep up-to-date and involved with various organizations and agencies that serve early childhood education.

ECEA works tirelessly to increase CCCAP reimbursement rates, and to represent the private sector in discussions about universal pre-kindergarten, standards and outcomes for child care centers, professional development requirements for child care teachers, and licensing changes. We meet regularly with agencies such as licensing and health to discuss trends in violations and to learn about new rules and interpretations.

Our current work includes:

Implementation of Colorado’s Early Childhood Workforce 2020 Plan

Income Tax Credit for Early Childhood Educators

The Shaping Early Childhood Development of Special Districts

Expanding the Teacher Cadet Program to Include Early Childhood Education

Preventing the Elimination of Duplicate Regulation of School Building

School Discipline for Preschool Through Second Grade

Shaping Colorado's Full Day Kindergarten programing 


Additionally, ECEA represents providers in over 15 ongoing collaborative stakeholder meetings statewide on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis...