Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New FEMA Training Required By March 30th

Dear providers;

A Department approved emergency and disaster preparedness training is mandatory as required by General Rule:

7.701.100 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Child Care Centers, Family Child Care Homes, Day Treatment Centers, School-Age Programs, and Children’s Resident Camps [Eff. 4/1/15]

A. Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lockdown, and Active Shooter on Premises Plans for Children in Care: All child care providers must have a written plan for evacuating and safely moving children to an alternate site, as well as lockdown, shelter in place, and active shooter on premises. The plan must include provisions for multiple types of hazards, such as floods, fires, tornados, and local shootings. All employees of a child care provider must be trained in emergencies and disaster preparedness. 

We are currently implementing an educational campaign and are giving programs until March 30, 2017 to complete the training. Completion of the FEMA course counts for two hours of annual training for the calendar year it was completed in. It is only required to be completed once. Please have employees keep a copy of this training.

The course can be found at: http://www.coloradoofficeofearlychildhood.com/training