More cities implement universal pre-K when state, national efforts fall short

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

(Education Dive) -  

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Are the Effects of State Pre-K Overrated?

Monday, July 23, 2018

(Education Week) - Getting children on a path where they start school healthy and ready to learn is a goal everyone can agree on. But two new reports—an analysis of state preschool programs and standardized test scores, and a detailed follow-up to a 2015 study of Tennessee’s pre-K program—offer cautions about embracing state-run prekindergarten. 

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Here are potential questions that could be on your November ballot in Colorado

Monday, July 23, 2018

(The Colorado Independent) - We already know the six big questions that will be on your ballot to answer in the fall, from lowering the required age for state lawmakers to removing language about slavery from the state Constitution.  

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States to line up for federal preschool grants

Monday, July 23, 2018

(Polotico) - STATES TO LINE UP FOR FEDERAL PRESCHOOL GRANTS: A federal grant program aimed at helping states boost their preschool offerings will make its debut next month — when states can begin vying for a piece of the $250 million pot.  

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Durango School District, Early Childhood Council to expand child care

Friday, July 20, 2018

(Durango Herald) - Few families can place kids 5 or younger in a learning center.  

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Circle of Education Program Offered by School Specialty Endorsed by CASEL

Thursday, July 19, 2018

(Business Insider)- Early Childhood Social-Emotional Learning Approach Given ‘Highest Quality’ Designation  

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Research Verifies Early Childhood Education Helps Kids Build Skills and Readiness for School

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

(Business Wire) - National Studies Show KinderCare Education Kindergartners are performing at First Grade Levels; Length of Time Spent in Early Childhood Education at KinderCare Education Positively Impacts Results

For nearly 50 years, KinderCare Education® (KCE) has provided high-quality early education and child care to hardworking families throughout the U.S. This approach to early education is paying off. The results from the TerraNova® and BRIGANCE® national studies confirm that KCE students are better prepared for school.

Children enrolled in a KCE kindergarten program are, on average, performing at first grade levels, consistently outperforming their peers in math and reading. And whether they are learning to crawl or learning their first words, KinderCare kids continue to achieve key developmental milestones more quickly, the longer they are enrolled in the organization’s early childhood education programs.

“We are proud of the TerraNova and BRIGANCE results that demonstrate that our curriculum and standards of educational excellence help children develop the confidence and the skills they need to be ready for elementary school—and beyond. When we invest in children, we invest in our future.”

The impact of quality early childhood education extends beyond childhood. As reported by the Brookings Institute, children with higher levels of school readiness at age five are generally more successful in grade school, are less likely to drop out of high school, and earn more as adults. A separate Brookings Institute report noted that in countries like the United States, getting a good education is one of the most promising routes to economic security.

“A child’s education has a direct effect on the child’s overall development into adulthood,” said Dr. Elanna Yalow, Chief Academic Officer, KinderCare Education. “We are proud of the TerraNova and BRIGANCE results that demonstrate that our curriculum and standards of educational excellence help children develop the confidence and the skills they need to be ready for elementary school—and beyond. When we invest in children, we invest in our future.”


A study using TerraNova Third Edition, a standardized assessment to measure reading and math skills in kindergartners, concluded that KinderCare kids are performing at first grade levels by March of their kindergarten year.

“Beyond teaching young children the developmental and social skills they need for general success, the TerraNova results prove that KinderCare Education helps students show up to kindergarten and first grade confident they have the academic skills needed to flourish,” said Wei-Li Chong, President of KinderCare Learning Centers and KinderCare Education at Work.


KCE used the BRIGANCE developmental screen to see how children are meeting developmental milestones for physical, language, academic / cognitive, social-emotional development and self-help skills. The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III tool was used to assess children in KinderCare programs nationwide, and results found that KinderCare students see significant improvement in their developmental status after spending more time in KinderCare Centers and programs. Children with more than a year of enrollment in KinderCare programs are less than half as likely to be flagged for potential delays and are more likely to be developmentally advanced for their ages.

“Truly understanding a child’s development status is so important to parents and teachers in the early years of life,” said Chong. “With the helpful information from BRIGANCE, teachers can partner with families to help children achieve developmental milestones and customize their curriculum to the strengths and opportunities of each child.”

Open House

61% of U.S. households with children have two working parents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which means making time to tour an early childhood education center during the center’s weekday business hours can be challenging for many families. To make finding great childcare easier for families, KinderCare is hosting a national Open House on Saturday, July 21, 2018, in select centers across the U.S. Families are invited to drop into their local center, meet the teachers, and learn more about KinderCare’s approach to quality education.

Families can learn more about KinderCare’s curriculum, and a list of participating Open House locations around the country by visiting KinderCare’s website at www.kindercare.com.

Assessment Methodology

The TerraNova, a standardized year-end assessment, was administered in March 2018 to 1,034 kindergarten students in 126 KinderCare Learning Centers and KinderCare At Work Centers throughout the U.S. The students were five years old at the time of the research.

The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III, a standardized developmental screening tool, was used to assess 36,892 children (16,334 of whom were assessed in both the fall and spring seasons) in 407 centers and sites nationwide during the 2017-18 school year. Children ranged in age from 6 weeks to 7 years old.

About KinderCare Education®

KinderCare Education is an experience-based provider of early education and child care with more than 32,000 employees, including more than 27,600 teachers, serving 170,000 families every day, where they need us:

In neighborhoods with our KinderCare® Learning Centers that offer early childhood education and child care for children six weeks to 12 years old,

At work through KinderCare Education at Work™, family-focused benefits for employers including on-site and near-site early learning centers and backup care for last-minute child care, and

In local schools with our Champions® before and after-school programs.

KinderCare Education operates more than 1,300 early learning centers, more than 500 Champions sites, and is supported by a corporate team of nearly 500 headquarters employees based in Portland, Oregon. In 2018, KinderCare Education earned their second Gallup Great Workplace Award – one of only 39 companies worldwide to earn this award. To learn more, visit kc-education.com.


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Kinder Haus closure adds to child care crisis

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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Study uncovers connections between early childhood program and teenage outcomes

Monday, July 16, 2018

(Phys.Org) - A new study published in PLOS ONE by researchers from New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development examined the long-term impacts of an early childhood program called the Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP) and found evidence suggesting that the program positively affected children's executive function and academic achievement during adolescence.  

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Thoughtful Parenting: Early childhood community plan

Monday, July 16, 2018

(Steamboat Pilot & Today) - Whether you're a parent or not, early childhood education impacts you. The availability, affordability and quality of childcare, preschool and school-age programs shape not just the dynamic of a community, but also the economy. Parents face a nerve-wracking process to find childcare in Routt County as the demand has become far too much for the few licensed providers in town. Ultimately, mom or dad either get lucky, struggle to piece things together or leave the workforce, taking employee tax dollars with them. 

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