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My name is Dawn Alexander.  I have a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a BA in Sociology & Human Services.  I just want you to know that it is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado!

At ECEA we work hard every day to make a difference for you and your business in the child care industry.  

A Bit about Myself and ECEA

Years ago, I went to the child care center that my two oldest kids were at every day for my lunch break.  I patted their backs and put them to sleep at nap time.  Before long, I made the decision to stay home and open a licensed child care home.  I can happily say that I raised our 3 children in that licensed program!  One day though, I was watching 6 rambunctious children playing in my backyard and realized that none of them actually belonged to me!  That's when I closed my home and became a Licensing Specialist.  I worked for the Red Rocks contract for a little over 3 years and repeatedly told programs that they needed to advocate for themselves.  Following that I worked for the Weld County Health Department and was present during the COVID outbreak, offering support county wide.  

When I came on staff it became my mission to make sure every program out there knew about ECEA.  

We are a Trade Association that serves child care programs statewide.  Our primary voice is for privately owned businesses but our work benefits the entire industry.  In fact, our members are from every kind of program there is through out the state! 

We are working hard to establish programming support to make things easier on you and your business.  We've established some AMAZING partners that can save you time, money and frustration as a member.  We also have trainings and coaching services to help you optimize your business.  

Whatever your need is, ECEA is here for you!  If you are not a member yet, JOIN US!  Our members' voices are relevant and making a difference.  Be a part of that difference!


Reach out with any questions or concerns!


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