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1/18/24 ECEA Child Care Update



We need YOU to engage with out Legislators on how this will benefit your program. This can include owners, renters and even family child care homes based on your time/space percentage!!

We will be setting a meeting with the bill sponsors to discuss the legislation, to answer your questions and to plan for legislative testimony to support the bills passage!

Email and we will send you an email once we have that scheduled. We anticipate that things will move quickly so email us now!


Take Action NOW Regarding UPK Quality Standards

  1. Request a Cost/Benefit Analysis from DORA regarding the change in Ratios for UPK. You must make the request by 1/30/24 and we ask that you include in your request the cost to your program if ratios are decreased to 1:10 for 4 year old classrooms starting in 2025. This would result in a decrease in capacity of 4 spots in your 4 year old UPK classrooms effective July 2025. If that would have a negative impact on your business you need to call it out specifically. Name the amount. Don't allow CDEC's UPK department to say, "We've built quality funds into the existing rate." Name the impacts on your program and on infant/toddler care costs as well if the change goes into effect! Rule 4.108A2

  • Also, do you want the extra administrative requirement for a waiver on this?

  1. Submit your Written Feedback about the Proposed Quality Standards.

  2. Attend the 1/22/24 Rulemaking Hearing and Provide Public Testimony to Lisa Roy About Your Concerns.


The Back to Work: Early Childhood Education Scholarship is ending and the last day to apply is January 31, 2024. Are you looking for financial aid to help you finish a degree or certificate in Early Childhood Education? The Back to Work: Early Childhood Education Scholarship is funded by the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) and is intended to help students who have experienced an economic loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic complete an ECE-related undergraduate degree or certificate.

Participants will receive a one-time scholarship award up to $3,500. Funds can be used to cover a variety of expenses including:

  • Tuition costs and any fees related to admission or enrollment

  • Books and supplies

  • Living expenses

  • Student loan fees

  • Child care or other dependent care

  • Costs related to a disability

Visit to learn more.

For questions about Back to Work, please reach out to Cameron Fall  at


Immunization Letter REQUIRED to go out to ALL Child Care Families by 2/15/24

Multiple languages are available at:


Free International Transcript Evaluation Available for Early Childhood Professionals

The Early Childhood Career Navigation Team at the Colorado Department of Education is helping individuals get into and thrive in a career in early childhood. One of the team’s specific strategies is stewarding and paying for international transcript evaluation for those who obtained their formal education outside of the United States and want to become early educators.

To start this process or talk to an Early Childhood Career Navigator, please email the Early Childhood Career Navigation Team at


Was your For Profit business registered for the first time in 2024? NEW report required:

ALL Corporations and LLC's will be required to submit this report by the end of the 2024 year. Details can be found here:


Is this Update Helpful for you???

Thank an ECEA Member....Better yet....BECOME an ECEA Member!

ECEA is advocating for you and your Program EVERY DAY!!

Our work is SAVING YOUR BUSINESS MONEY and we are WORKING to ensure your business stability. Without our members, we can't do the work that we do. Do YOUR part and Join today!!




Fill out our Google Form and as people in an area you are interested in say that they are buying/selling, we will introduce you!

No obligation, enter a safe email for correspondence. If you need a great realtor who specializes in child care, we can connect you! Email for an introduction!!



This is for ECEA Members ONLY. Early Registration is $125 per person through February 29, 2024. After that date the cost increases to $150. Space is limited.



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