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1/4/24 ECEA Child Care Update


3 Year Old Funding to School Districts in 2023

In meeting with CDEC they've highlighted that regardless of what the 3 year old funding has been called (hold harmless for 3 year olds) by Districts, etc., it is in fact funding, referred to as the Annual Allotment, for the 2023-24 school year, not based on a deficit of care but to fund 3 year old slots for the school year. Per statute school will be funded based on the number of 3 year olds served in their district catchment area in the 2022-23 school year. They can still subcontract with community based programs to offer this service utilizing these funds. We have seen a decrease in the number of providers that are able to subcontract this year. Any school districts that have enrolled above the previous years numbers did not receive funding for the additional children in alignment with the statute. That cannot happen without specific funds being designated in the Governor's budget to specifically expand 3 year old UPK care.

CDEC calls the "hold harmless" the "Historical Allotment". They will be paying this out at the end of the school year based on what you've received in UPK funding through the entirety of the 2023-24 school year. If you are short of what you've previously received as a CPP program then you will receive the difference at that point. CDEC will share the specific timelines for that payment as soon as they have it all finalized.


Task Force Interim Report Emphasizes the Need for CHANGE!

ECEA is participating on the task force to ensure that legislators get recommendations that will have a positive impact for YOUR business. You can find out what is happening in the full report here:

This report has been submitted to the House Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services Committee, the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, Colorado Department of Human Services, and Governor Polis. The task force has to finalize the recommendations for change by the end of 2024 and will likely result in significant changes to current mandated reporter requirements for all professions statewide in the years to come. We will keep you posted as things develop!


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