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10/12/23 ECEA Statewide Child Care Update


Rules Advisory Council Carries Busy Agenda TODAY!

The Rules Advisory Council (RAC) will make recommendations on the rule sets for: Child Care centers, SACCs, Special Activities, Sub Agencies, Resident Camps, General Rules and CCAP. The Executive Director of CDEC, Lisa Roy will make final determinations on the rule set on October 27th.

All Proposed Rule sets can be accessed from the full agenda here:

This rulemaking process has been under review by Brian Tobias of DORA. Per statute, he will be providing the state legislature with recommendations on this rule making process and whether it should remain in place, be modified, or revert back to previous processes. ECEA will make sure that the recommendations are outlined in a future members update!


As we prepare for the new legislative season, it's good to keep in mind the things that our members have told us are their priorities!

We have legislation in the works that will provide a solution to the Property Tax issue for privately owned child care businesses. As soon as we have a draft, we will engage people and programs in the advocacy efforts surrounding that. As always, ECEA is working through task force and policy meetings to elevate industry voices for positive policy outcomes.


We Have New Members....Why Aren't You One of Them??

Membership MATTERS!!

Our members understand how critical it is to have a voice in policy meetings FOR YOU! They provide input and feedback that informs the discussions that are taking place while you run your business. The reality is...we wouldn't be here without them. Receiving this email doesn't mean you are a member...our members provide that to you for FREE.

Make a difference in our industry and JOIN NOW! Our annual fees are reasonable and ensure that the discussions that need to happen are happening for you!

Large Center License: $250 (option for $25/month)

Small Center License: $200 (option for $20/month)

Family Child Care Home: $50

School Age Programs: $60

Only YOU can strengthen the voice of Child Care Businesses Statewide!

Grant Funding is Becoming MUCH more limited now.....ECEA can help you and your business save tens of thousands of dollars.

Want more money to pay your staff?

Need a new playground?

Want to purchase curriculum?

The cost savings that you generate from our Strategic Partnerships will save you money so that you can apply it where you want it!

Non-Members: Dawn, Peggy or;

Take a step and make a huge difference for your program!!


Child Care


Immunization Reporting

School and child care immunization data reporting for the 2023-24 school year opened October 1, 2023.

How to report: Reporting for the 2023-24 school year is accessed through the School and Child Care Immunization Data Reporting (SCCIDR) System. Refer to the SCCIDR Users Guide for detailed instructions for creating or making changes to an account and reporting your data. A link to the Reporting System, the Users Guide, data worksheets, and additional resources are available on CDPHE’s website.

Requirements: School and child care immunization data reporting is required by law within Colorado Board of Health rule 6 CCR 1009-2. The reporting deadline is January 15, 2024.

Who must report: Public, private, and parochial schools with grades K-12, as well as child care centers, preschools, and Head Start programs licensed by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood to provide care for 10 or more children.

Who does not need to report: School-age child care centers, family child care homes, drop-in centers, day treatment centers, foster care homes, day camps, resident camps, and online only K-12 schools. With the exception of online only students and schools, facilities are still required to collect immunization or exemption forms for their students.

For questions regarding the reporting process, please email

We appreciate your commitment to the health and safety of Colorado's students and communities both in and out of school. Mark your calendars for October 1, and ensure that your school or child care complies with the reporting requirement before the deadline of January 15, 2024. Your work is valued and contributes to our collective effort to protect Colorado communities from vaccine-preventable disease.

Thank you, and if you have any immediate questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Molly Wineteer Krol

Immunization Data Analyst

Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response (DCPHR)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Sara Lopez RN, BSN, MPH

School and Child Care Nurse Consultant

Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response (DCPHR)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (for school-related clinical questions)



To continue to support child care providers and early childhood professionals, the Office of Early Childhood and the Colorado Shines PDIS is offering the following solutions to those impacted by the Credential Submission Interface being temporarily disabled: For those using the Early Childhood Professional Credential to meet licensed child care requirements, any credentials that expired after November 1, 2020, will remain valid until the professional credential backlog can be eliminated. The Department will provide a 30-day notice prior to the expiration of this temporary solution. A waiver or additional documentation is not required, however Large Center Directors must keep a copy of their staff's most recent qualification letter and Credential on file for review by licensing. For those who do not have access to their current Credential and cannot obtain or renew the Credential for staff qualifications, Directors may complete an Affidavit verifying that to the best of their knowledge, staff meet Early Childhood Qualifications. The affidavit has been expanded and will now include Directors and Assistant Early Childhood Teachers in addition to the Early Childhood Teachers. Child care programs must keep the Affidavit and the corresponding documents in the staff member's file for review and verification by licensing.

  • Click here to download the Facility Qualification Affidavit.

  • Click here to download the ECPC 3.0 Worksheet.

  • Click here to download the Large Center Director Verification Worksheet.

  • Click here to download the Large Center Director Renewal Requirements.

  • View the Early Childhood Teacher Qualification Pathway Verification Worksheet

  • Vea el Procedimiento para la verificación de maestro de primera infancia

Thank you for understanding as we work through challenges with the Credential Submission Interface. If you have any questions about these temporary solutions, please contact your Licensing Specialist or call our office at 303-866-5948.


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