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12/1/23 ECEA Child Care Update

We delayed this weeks update so that we could include information from the Colorado Legislators Joint Budget Hearing with the Department of Early Childhood (CDEC). There was an extensive conversation today about the budget requests.

  • JBC wants specifics on the staffing requests for the department (position functions, how many are currently funded by stabilization funds, etc.)

  • Reminder for CCCAP that family co-pays were recently capped at 10%

  • Concerns that there should be budgetary offsets (increase in CDEC with an equal decrease in the Human Service budget as some positions transitioned from one department to the other

  • JBC would like bonus breakdowns before the pending Sept 2024 required report

  • What happens when there are population increases for this program?

  • The adjustment of hours for UPK makes the budget fluctuates with changes of policies. Can we get a business plan on how to make the finances work exactly.

  • A statement that School district alignment needs to happen

  • A summary of CPP from last year

  • System for communication with providers and families

  • Status on quality standards rule making; No requirement for a degree "put's us back to child care, not preschool." Senator Kirkmeyer

See all the reports and details here:


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Federal Statement on Inclusion


We just had a meeting with Carin Rosa, Director of the Division of Early Learning Licensing & Administration (DELLA).

She had THIS to say about licensing Inspections:

When you have a licensing inspection CDEC wants to know about your experience (good and bad) so please fill out the survey! Carin shared that the department has an 85% positive report on their follow up survey.

If you want to speak with someone about the inspection you have two approaches that you can take to bring the issue to the attention of the state.

ECEA is always here to support our members with issues as they arise. If you need guidance with a specific situation, email us at . You are not alone and we will help you!


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