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  • Dawn Alexander

12/7/23 ECEA Child Care Update

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Are you in Dire need of your 3 year old Hold Harmless Funds???

We need to hear from you! Email: We are providing support for several programs and will include you!


  • Capacity building grants have closed. CDEC is reviewing those now. Providers can start to see those payments deposited soon!

  • MetrixIQ will be able to issue payment for one-time provider bonuses (legislatively authorized from last year) soon!



ECEA spoke with CDEC and the Governor's office about the possible expansion of 3 year old slots in UPK. We were told that the Governor's budget would have to authorize funding for that expenditure and he is not requesting that for the 2024-2025 school year.


CDEC shared this out today....if you haven't applied for your Early Childhood Professional Credential you will STILL want to do it. You won't receive a tax benefit this tax season but you will next time around!



Our members make a difference.....and membership is 100% tax deductible! Join us today!!!

ECEA Membership Rates are Changing in January....JOIN NOW!!

Have questions? Email:



Pyramid Trainings are Filling up Quickly!

Two Hours Onsite -- You will LOVE it!


We are connecting buyers and sellers!


No Obligation!                303-860-7174

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