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2/9/24 ECEA Child Care Update


The Rules Advisory Council Advises Dr. Lisa Roy to 

NOT Change Ratios in the Rule Set at this Time …BUT we need to ensure this position doesn’t change*

Thanks to your response, we won the first step in stopping the ratio change, but we need your continued help.  In written public comment 91 of you explained how your business would be drastically impacted by this ratio change, while 5 comments supported the change. In our recent Policy Impact Survey (181 respondents representing 309 programs) said the policy would harm your program. In the past week 186 of you have completed the community activated petition.  You asked for a Cost Benefit Analysis from the department, which DORA denied because the funds were reimbursements. The department is considering this but the timeline (would have to be done by 2/22) and complexity make that exceedingly difficult. This is why all of your detailed comments make a difference. You called out the specific financial impact on your program.

The state prefers not to base decisions on business impacts. Instead the focus is on family impacts. Let us be clear on this....

The good news:  Dr. Lisa Roy, the Executive Director of CDEC has the authority "to the extent practical", to follow existing statute language that UPK quality standards will be brought into alignment with licensing standards. We know this is why so many advocates supported the formation of UPK. The promise that our industry would be stable and be a mixed delivery system. We know that yesterday’s RAC recommendations honor those promises and therefore protects parent choice!

The bad news: Dr. Lisa Roy, per statute, can ignore the recommendation if she provides a written explanation.

She might try to use state CPP data to justify a change but every legislative report on CPP makes  it clear....that data only compared CPP children to other "at-risk children who had no history of state-funded preschool".

A change in ratio will directly result in a further staffing shortfall, ultimately widening the gap between need and availability. That is not good for parents or providers.

ONLY state mixed delivery data outcomes will prove that a ratio change would benefit children. For over 10 years, Colorado has defined 1:12 for 4 year old children to meet quality standards through Colorado Shines. For decades the state has determined that ratio to be safe. The national research does not support the request!

We know that decreasing ratios to 1:10 for classrooms that were designed for 1:12 will also cut availability of care. Many participating UPK programs have told us that they will not be able to participate if the change is made. This would be devastating to parent access to UPK and to parent choice.

What you can do

****Send your state representatives an email asking them to prompt CDEC and the Governor's office to NOT take rule-making into their own hands. This rulemaking process was established to make the department "nimble", not to have it overrun the expressed needs of the industry. You have provided solid public input that makes it clear....This move is bad for your childcare center, puts more demand on staffing, and most importantly, hurts availability for families!  Now tell your legislators about it in your own words but ask them to make sure that CDEC listens to YOU! You have to send the email no later than 2/16/24 because the Public Rulemaking Hearing is on 2/22/24 from Noon -2 p.m.



Join ECEA!!

We are a statewide Trade Association. Our members make a difference every day in the Colorado Child Care industry. YOU can be a part of that impact!!

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Colorado Universal Preschool

Set Up Your UPK - Universal Preschool Program Before Feb 16!  

Preschool providers can now apply to participate in the Colorado Universal Preschool program for the school year 2024-25. To begin, providers can access the online portal to set up programs, create public profiles, and provide contact information for an Authorized Signer to be sent the Provider Agreement for signature. 

This is required for both new and returning providers. This process is crucial to ensure your program can be viewed and potentially selected by families in the 2024-25 school year.

The Provider Program Set Up Form must be completed by February 16, 2024. Start the process today! 

Get Started 

How much do you get paid:

 *Based on a 2% increase from last years rates.


Conference is for Members ONLY! Registration increases to $250 March 1st so register now!


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