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3/1/24 ECEA Child Care Update


ECEA Encourages CDEC to Implement UPK Policies

that Support Mixed Delivery



Details on how on page 12







ECEA Wants to Thank CCI and the Prime Sponsors of SB24-002

It PASSED and is on the way to the Governor's Desk!!

Why does this bill matter? If you are a private child care provider then this bill can have a tremendous cost saving impact on your business!! Homes, this includes you....using your time/space percentage!! It enables counties and/or cities to provide tax incentives for areas of local concern. Those localities can now provide Privately owned child cares by waiving or refunding their portion of the property taxes for privately owned child care. You are providing a public good and have been paying inequitable taxes for a LONG time. Non-profits and public schools don't have to pay property taxes....and now that can all change now for private industry so that you can have that benefit as well! This can provide funds for you to support your staff and program more!

How will this work? We encourage you to reach out to your local Early Childhood Council. They are the local area experts on child care in your area and already have longstanding relationships with their County and City officials. They can provide the local data to justify the determination that this is an "area of local concern". ECEA will provide statewide support to ANY Council that would like help with this. We will also provide information through CCI to encourage County Commissioners to engage on your behalf. Localities have to make a determination annually due to procedural restrictions.

When will this take effect? The Governor has to sign the bill within 10 days of passage. Then 90 days beyond the legislative session it will become law. Counties have to give all cities at least 30 days to respond to their plan. We are encouraging ECC's to start engaging with their local officials as soon as the bill is signed by Governor Polis.

We've been working to effect legislation on this for two years now.

ECEA is GRATEFUL for everyone that helped make this possible!

What will this mean for you?



That is What ECEA is ALL ABOUT!!

We provide cost saving referrals to our members.

We advocate for cost saving measures for your business.

Remind me again.....WHY AREN'T YOU A MEMBER YET???


Colorado Secure Savings ---Are YOU Compliant???

You have to run payroll in order to be compliant.

If you already offer one of already meet the requirements. Go online and fill out an exemption plan. Additional details can be found at:

The State does not WANT to fine programs for not being enrolled. If you meet the criteria and haven't taken steps DO IT NOW!!! Otherwise fines will be imposed this month some time!



Chalkbeat: Colorado Free UPK Parent application 2024 Guide English Spanish

Child Care:

Mental Health:


8 Hours of Training

Held Weekly---Virtually



STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIESPlease submit written comments on the draft School-Age Child Care Centers rules (Redline Draft | Clean Draft)  by Wednesday, March 13, 2024.


CDEC will review and consider all public feedback received, and will incorporate the recommendations into the draft School-Age Child Care rules, as able. The draft rules are expected to be reviewed by the Rules Advisory Council (RAC) on May 8, 2024, and considered for permanent adoption on June 27, 2024.


All rulemaking material received and collected including all written comments, and revisions of the draft School-Age Child Care (SACC) rules, will be publicly accessible and stored in the SACC Rule Folder. Please review the CDEC Rule Tracker, located on the Rulemaking and Rules Advisory Council's (RAC) webpage, for more detailed information regarding the rulemaking timeline for the proposed SACC rules.


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