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3/7/24 ECEA Child Care Update

ECEA MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: We have cancelled autopays from our website. Your account is still active. You do not need to take any action. We will invoice for memberships via QB at the beginning of each month in order to consolidate our bookkeeping work.


Links in the flyer----


NEXT PUBLIC RULEMAKING HEARING--UPK Quality Standards (including ratios)

Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 12:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting ID: 867 4548 6400



It is now EASIER to connect your staff to your program from the front page of your program dashboard. Here's the thing....we need you to DO IT!!! Ensuring that your staff is connected to your program will enable CDEC's Licensing Specialists to eventually conduct all licensing inspection document reviews via PDIS prior to entering your program!

We spoke with Director, Carin Rosa and she emphasized that their Division will phase in this approach. They will first review paperwork for new programs/new staff in this manner. Ultimately, this will make it possible for expedited inspections. For this to happen we need you to connect your staff to your program as soon as they have their PDIS account set up! Make it a WILL make a difference for you down the line!



ECEA Membership Matters!

ECEA saves members money via Value Added Service Partners.

ECEA saves you money via Legislation (SB24-002) (more details next week)

ECEA support members with administrative headaches.

Joining enables us to support the industry for you. Don't be a free rider....JOIN US IN MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!

Still not convinced? Contact to schedule a short virtual meeting!

MEMBERS....can you share with us how we are making a difference for YOU?? We will share out with others each week! We can use first and last initials if you want to remain anonymous! Send it to Dawn!


New Report--Jefferson County

Looks like families would benefit from a family facing website that could support FAMILIES AND FFN's that are not registered with the state to receive support/services (Qualified Exempt or licensed).


Conference is for MEMBERS ONLY! Details are at:                       303-860-7174

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