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  • Dawn Alexander

4/16/24 ECEA Child Care Update

**Dawn will be out of the office until April 29th. There will be NO update next week.

Wondering about Outcomes for Federal Stabilization Funds?

CDEC Launches a Summary Website



Some of these changes were already being considered in Colorado through HB24-1223. CDEC will apply for a two year waiver for the portions of requirements that they have not made progress on. Provider payments and parent fees cannot be waived because of the work in recent years.


A Timeline for implementation of the new federally authorized alternate rate methodology are being determined and may be as early as this fall! Those amounts show that Infant/toddler care has been underfunded by around 45% and would see a significant increase.


ECEA Leadership Conference Was a HUGE Success!

Thank you again to all the members that attended. We had a great day and loved being able to interact with you in person! We will be planning for the next one so watch for a save the date!


We Need YOU to Be a Member of ECEA

Together our members share the cost of making a difference in the Colorado Child Care Industry.


As members, they access our Value Added Service Providers and save much more than what they pay in member dues.


Join ECEA today and be a part of the change!



Lunchables have concerning levels of lead and sodium, Consumer Reports finds

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