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5/23/24 ECEA Child Care Update


Child Care as an Area of Local Concern

ECEA met with Early Childhood Councils Statewide at ECCLA's Hot Topics meeting this month. Our systems Early Childhood Councils are perfectly poised to establish a working relationship with their local Board of County Commissioners to encourage the designation of child care as an area of local concern. This designation would enable all privately owned centers, preschools and family child care homes to receive the city/county portion of their property tax payments to be discounted or reimbursed to the program to support child care in their county. The support would provide some degree of leveling for privately owned businesses as non-profit and public child care programs and preschools do not have to pay property taxes at all. Details can be found in the presentation that we used to facilitate the conversation:

ECEA encourages all privately owned programs to engage with their councils if requested to support child care in your locality. Your council may ask for you to attend a meeting to support their work to get SB24-002 implemented locally and we need you to engage in the conversation if they need your support in doing so! We will be tracking any implementation of this bill and it's impact in the child care industry statewide. That being said, we need YOU to let us know if your county is having success or barriers in the implementation of SB24-002. Contact: with any updates!


That's the first quote we've received! Pretty exciting that they will be able to save that much on their food costs all year long and ultimately this program will continue to use the same local vendor through our new value added service provider. We will continue to share out the savings that our members are experiencing.

The program will also benefit from FREE MENU more planning to meet CACFP requirements or to save on seasonal foods. Our new service provider does it for you for FREE!!! This makes it easier for you to save and takes one major task off of your to do list!!

Want to learn more? Contact: This IS a members only benefit.....but we ask how much saving 10-35% on YOUR food and supply costs would save you? We believe it's another tangible benefit to being a member of ECEA!


ECEA is a trade association that supports licensed child care programs statewide. We do advocacy work to support your program (legislative, and administrative). With are never alone! We establish partnerships that will drive down your operating costs too! Our members know, their savings outweigh the cost it takes to be a member.



CDEC Works to Capture Statewide Income & Benefits Data

from Child Care Workforce

You can find the survey in your PDIS account. The survey is voluntary and will be used to encourage the designation of public funds to support programs and worksforce statewide.


Educator Experience Survey

Colorado’s Department of Higher Education’s Education Stackable Credentials Pathway Leadership Team is interested in knowing about your experience as an educator to better inform its work in developing and creating equitable qualification pathways. A survey has been created to help us understand your experience with qualification pathways, challenges to advancing in the profession, and what supports may be helpful to you. Please share the survey with paraeducators, teacher assistants, early childhood educators, etc. Those who complete the survey will be entered into a lottery to win a $50 gift card.



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