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5/25/23 ECEA Child Care Update


Update your program information in the portal at:

Read the CDEC Email:


This program exists to distribute funds to qualified applicants, pursuant to the American Rescue Plan requirements for the state education agency to reserve 1% of the state set aside to fund evidence-based comprehensive afterschool programs and an additional 1% to fund evidence-based summer enrichment programs, to create expanded learning opportunities that address students’ academic and personal needs, ensure families can continue to engage in and support their students’ learning, and ultimately continue to strengthen schools and communities during COVID-19 recovery.

This funding opportunity seeks to accelerate student learning and strengthen student engagement in that learning by:

  1. Providing students with comprehensive out-of-school time programs, during the summer, that build upon a student’s school-day instruction to provide the continuity necessary to meet their academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Providing students a safe and healthy environment where additional educational enrichment services, programs, and activities are offered to students, particularly those who are disproportionately adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  3. Offering families of students served opportunities for active and meaningful engagement in their children’s education, to ultimately positively impact student academic outcomes.

  4. Providing students and their families with a deeper connection to their school and community, allowing them to understand and take advantage of the full breadth of school and community supports and opportunities available to them.

The following are projected outcomes of this funding opportunity:

  1. Expanded capacity for districts and community-based organizations to leverage summer programming to accelerate the completion of lost or unfinished learning; and

  2. Strengthened student engagement in learning–both in the traditional school day and out.

Please see “Allowable Use of Funds” below for additional information regarding allowable programs.

Eligible Applicants and Priority Criteria:

Eligible entities may apply for this funding opportunity. The term “eligible entity” means:

  • A public local educational provider (LEP) including:

    • A school district on behalf of all or a subset of schools;

    • A Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES);

    • A charter school authorized by a School District or BOCES;

    • A charter school or schools authorized by the Charter School Institute;

    • A Facility School; and

    • The Colorado School for the Deaf & Blind.

  • A public library;

  • A Colorado community-based organization (CBO);

    • This includes nonprofit organizations.

  • An Indian tribe or tribal organization (as such terms are defined in section 4 of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Act (25 U.S.C. 450b)); and

  • Institutions of higher education or other public agencies/entities.

Note: A group of two or more such agencies, organizations, or entities (listed above) is eligible to apply as a consortium.

Applications will not be accepted from individual non-charter schools. Those schools must be included in an application submitted by their district. Only a single application per LEP will be accepted.

Charter schools may submit a stand-alone application but must receive sign-off from their authorizer. The authorizing district, BOCES, or CSI will be the fiscal agent, if funded.

Details can be found at:


Membership MATTERS!

ECEA is on the lookout for you and your business. We are at policy meetings and reading relevant newsletters, etc. so that we can bring critical business information to YOU! We elevate YOUR voice to effect change for YOU!

Family Child Care Home - $50 Small Center/PRS (15 or less in capacity) - $200 for 1st 2 locations each

($120 for locations 3+ each) Large Center/PRS (16+ in capacity) - $250 for 1st 2 locations each

($140 for locations 3+ each) School Aged Programs - $60 for 1st 2 locations each

($50 for locations 3+ each)

Without YOU, we can't do what we do!


2023 Numbers for CCDBG (CCCAP Funding)



Remember: The last day of the grace period for Q1 FAMLI premiums and wage reports is May 31, 2023.

Does the thought of managing this overwhelm you? ECEA has a partnership with Journey Payroll. They are committed to the best customer service without nickel and diming you for every question you have. If you meet with them and decide to have them do your payroll....they will pay for your first year of membership with ECEA and $100 towards every year thereafter!

Contact: Lindsay Kramer

Business Development Office:

(970) 568‑8613


(970) 469‑3296


HOMES -- Become a member of ECEA for free for one year when you price your family child care home business insurance with David Baxter at:! Existing members can get the same deal when it's time for their renewal!


ECEA has posted all of the Colorado relevant pages on our newsfeed at:

Or find the full 180 page report at:


New Members!

The Meadows Early Learning Center

Stacy's Hug-A-Baby Childcare



Share this resource with your teachers and families!



Unit #5 - 6-7:30p.m. 5/24/23 & 5/25/23

Social-Emotional Development - focuses on how social-emotional development unfolds in the first 5 years and the brain’s role in this process. In this training, you will learn about the areas of the brain involved in social interactions and emotional reactions; explore the role of relationships and attachment in social-emotional development; the effect of stress on social-emotional development; the development of empathy in very young children and how to support social-emotional development in young children.

Unit #6 -6-7:30p.m. 5/31/23 & 6/01/23

Understanding Behavior- focuses on how children’s behavior is influenced by the brain. In this training, you will learn about basic brain anatomy; connections between areas of the brain and how these connections are expressed through behavior; key factors that influence behavior; the root causes of challenging behavior and effective strategies for helping children with these difficulties

Unit #7 - 9-Noon

Play - focuses on the stages and types of play that unfold in early childhood, the role of the brain in this process, and how to maximize children’s learning through play. In this training, you will learn about the development of play; the differences between free and guided play; and core skills children develop through play and how to promote these skills.

How to Hire and Retain Staff 6/9/23 - 1-2:30 p.m.

Hear from our panel of presenters on effective ways to hire appropriate people for your child care business. We will touch on retention but the bulk of that will be in the next ECEA panel discussion!

New Employee Compliance Training 6/13/23 9-11 a.m. (last time free under CIRCLE)

Get your new staff started with actual understanding of child care regulations and how to apply them in their classrooms.

Members ONLY UPK discussion with the Board of Directors 6/13/23 7-8:30 p.m.

Come talk to our board about your experiences and expectations. We want to hear about policy options that will ensure we maintain a mixed delivery system in Colorado!

Child Care Beginnings 8-Noon on 6/15/23 & 6/25/23 (last time free under CIRCLE)

Everything you need to know to open and operate a child care business! New Director's, this is a great way to get the foundational knowledge that you need for your job!

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