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6/1/23 - ECEA Child Care Update


Breaking it down:

  • That's 56 referrals a week on average to child care programs statewide.

  • Colorado has 25 more Centers than it did in 2019 (pre-COVID)

  • Colorado licensed Family Child Care Homes are still below pre-COVID levels, short by 265 Homes.



Pending Decisions for June RAC

Proposed Rule Changes to UPK & CCCAP Rule Sets

**ECEA is providing this information on a monthly basis so that you are aware what rule sets are being proposed, pertinent issues, and to be able to see the most recent drafts in case you feel you need to provide public testimony at that months RAC (Rules Advisory Council).

CDEC wants to remove this verbiage because, "It is this language that this revision seeks to repeal due to inconsistencies in its application."

Emergency Rule change Documents can be found here:

Rule Packet details as of 5/25/23:

Other Relevant RAC News:

Tobias - DORA, Brian <>



42 Child Care Centers in 15 counties are required to pay property taxes. For those programs the total property taxes that are being assessed amount to:


13 Family Child Care homes in 10 counties pay property taxes using a time space formula. For those programs the total property taxes that are being assessed amount to:


(not representative of the time/space percentage)

Fill out the survey here if you haven't already (the more data the better):


A report with the findings and data trends will be shared in July/August.

Please complete the survey here:


Dee Dee Overton


No one can go it alone in this industry! Our members understand how critical it is to have a voice in policy meetings FOR YOU! They provide input and feedback that informs the discussions that are taking place while you run your business. The reality is...we wouldn't be here without them. Receiving this email doesn't mean you are a member...our members provide that to you for FREE.

If you want to be able to say that you make a difference for our industry, we need you to JOIN NOW! Our annual fees are reasonable and ensure that the discussions that need to happen are happening for you!

Large Center License: $250

Small Center License: $200

Family Child Care Home: $50

Only YOU can strengthen the voice of Child Care Businesses Statewide!


Unit #7 - 6/3/23 9-Noon

Play - focuses on the stages and types of play that unfold in early childhood, the role of the brain in this process, and how to maximize children’s learning through play. In this training, you will learn about the development of play; the differences between free and guided play; and core skills children develop through play and how to promote these skills.

How to Hire and Retain Staff 6/9/23 - 1-2:30 p.m.

Hear from our panel of presenters on effective ways to hire appropriate people for your child care business. We will touch on retention but the bulk of that will be in the next ECEA panel discussion!

Link to register (members only): (click book now and then click next availability button)

New Employee Compliance Training 6/13/23 9-11 a.m. Free under CIRCLE

New Employee Compliance Training 6/29/23 9-11 a.m. (last time free under CIRCLE)

Get your new staff started with actual understanding of child care regulations and how to apply them in their classrooms.

Link to register (members only): (click book now and then click next availability button)

Members ONLY UPK discussion with the Board of Directors 6/13/23 7-8:30 p.m.

Come talk to our board about your experiences and expectations. We want to hear about policy options that will ensure we maintain a mixed delivery system in Colorado!

Link to register (members only): (click book now and then click next availability button)

Child Care Beginnings 8-Noon on 6/15/23 & 6/25/23 (last time free under CIRCLE)

Everything you need to know to open and operate a child care business! New Director's, this is a great way to get the foundational knowledge that you need for your job!

Link to register: (click book now and then click next availability button)

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