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6/22/23 ECEA Child Care Update


Public Comment document (NYO):

Public Comment will close July 25,2023.


Training certificates for 2 hours will be provided to those who wish to receive one.

Training credit will be 1 hour Health, Safety and Nutrition and 1 hour Professional Practices.

You must attend the entire live event to receive a training certificate.

Non-members pay $10 for a training certificate.

These presentations will not be recorded.

Individuals may attend one or all presentations, but only one certificate will be issued per individual.

Register here for a presentation:




More than 27,400 families have been matched. 90.7% of children have been matched to one of their preferred providers, with 78.6% of families being matched to their first choice. More than 24,000 tuition-free preschool seats remain open across the state and are still available for families who apply by the July 13 deadline for the next round.

We are still hearing that many community based programs who have UPK availability are not visible to the families that they currently serve who want continuity of care. We know that the state is working to resolve any technical glitches that exist in this process but want to continue to elevate this issue as it has the potential to undermine business.

We've posted new slides in our news feed TODAY with UPK payment and CCCAP and UPK funding details. Find those at:


Members Only - Directors: One on One Coaching Now Available

Sign up to meet with Peggy Ferguson at

She has times available on Tuesday's and can help you with setting up organizational systems, creating a positive culture in your program, etc.!


Governor Polis' Data Dashboard

Reviewing Fiscal Year 2022-23 Priorities

New goals will be coming soon for the new fiscal year. We will make sure you know what the priorities are!


No one can go it alone in this industry! Our members understand how critical it is to have a voice in policy meetings FOR YOU! They provide input and feedback that informs the discussions that are taking place while you run your business. The reality is...we wouldn't be here without them. Receiving this email doesn't mean you are a member...our members provide that to you for FREE.

If you want to be able to say that you make a difference for our industry, we need you to JOIN NOW! Our annual fees are reasonable and ensure that the discussions that need to happen are happening for you!

Large Center License: $250

Small Center License: $200

Family Child Care Home: $50

School Age Programs: $60

Only YOU can strengthen the voice of Child Care Businesses Statewide!



Qualified Exempt Providers NOW QUALIFY for CACFP!!! Great work to the staff of CACFP for fighting the hard fight to enable more providers and children to qualify for this program!! It's been a LONG road!



The Denver Directors Equity and Advocacy Group has an interest in learning more about how early childhood directors throughout the state experience Colorado Shines Rating. ----QUICK SURVEY

A report with the findings and data trends will be shared in July/August.

Please complete the survey here:


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