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  • Dawn Alexander

8/24/23 ECEA Child Care Update This update affects YOU.

ECEA will be sending out a Members Only Update by 1 p.m. TODAY. If you do NOT receive that, PLEASE reply to this email and we will check our list to make sure you are in membership!

ECEA is not funded by Legislative carve outs. We are the authentic and accurate voice of programs statewide. We elevate YOUR voice to affect change for the industry and we will not allow your voice to be stifled. Our updates are directed to YOU to provide industry support and information so that you can make the best decision possible for your program. Without ECEA's paid memberships, you lose your voice in this industry. We will continue to offer those supports to our members statewide. If you are not in membership, NOW IS THE TIME. You will actually SAVE money by joining because of the network of program supports that we've put into place for your program. We also keep you updated on grant availability, etc. If you are not in membership you WILL be missing out!

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