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CDEC Structure Updates

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

EQIT: Lisa Matter is no longer working at CDEC. Please contact instead Eva Jankovsky at this time.

$6.5M for FFN's, A solicitation for Substitute Fund to create a sub pool so that the state can compete with existing sub pools will be coming out soon.

Also - Bilingual Licensing Unit (1 supervisor and 2 specialists.) Deborah Gray can connect the team with your program if you are primarily Spanish Speaking! Other languages may be supported in the future. All forms and PDIS courses are being translated into Spanish now.

With a focus on language and interactions to call out the quality indicators that are happening in program now. Page 2 will highlight the 4-5 strengths of your program. REMEMBER: Use those for marketing your program!! Will be emailed to facilities after inspections. We can provide feedback to the State on what you think about this! Let us know

The Licensing Affidavit is still active. The date for that to end will be announced well in advance of it being phased out. At least 30 days notice will be given. Probably this summer.

Numbers as of this morning.

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