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ECE Benefits Task Force Update

See details on the ECEA Health Plan at:

See how to drive down your insurance costs by thousands a year for ANY insurance plan:

ACA Compliant. Of nearly 50 programs, 2 have been denied due to pre-existing conditions.

1332 innovation waiver - Colorado's work to try to decrease premiums from insurance plans.

Encouraging individual plans.

Some of these are through the individual marketplace. Small businesses have CO option plans and small business tax credits. ANY plan can save through ECEA's ClaimLinx vendor.

Marketplace brokers make their money from the plans that they sign you up for. There is a hidden cost. That's how you pay for their customer service support. For ClaimLinx, they put their fees up front for you and after your fees you still save thousands of dollars a year on insurance. ClaimLinx can provide this assistance as well and will tell you what that service is costing you!

Any funds not used in the MERP go to the employer at the end of the year. With the MERP, employees still have options.

"Affordable" is determined by the individual cost. If the cost to the whole family is over 7% of your income it really is cost prohibitive. Colorado COULD change the large employer # to 100 or more employees as a potential strategy.

Employer level or individual level plans....which would be easier?


The MERP protects businesses and provides better benefits for the individual employees.

The admin burden in the MERP is managed by ClaimLinx.

Next meeting is in December. ECEA members...if you have questions or concerns about any of this, contact ECEA for that conversation.

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