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  • Dawn Alexander

ECEA Child Care Update 4/27/23


That's Right! ECEA Wants to Conduct Interviews with Early Childhood Teachers that LOVE this Industry.

If that is you or someone on your staff....please send me their contact information! We are going to put together some social media content because the dialogue around this industry needs to change NOW!


1080 Learning Center

Wee Love Preschool



ECEA needs to know how you are doing. Please take 30 seconds to fill out a quick snapshot so that we can communicate the collective status of industry Directors/Owners. We will post results in our website newsfeed so that you can see results!


A Reminder About Mixed Delivery.....

Ensuring that Mixed Delivery remains a strong foundation of our Colorado system will continue to be ECEA's #1 Legislative/Advocacy Priority!!


Are there enough free preschool seats for Colorado 4-year-olds? It depends.

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Colorado special education gets long-awaited funding boost

Colorado school finance committee backs special ed increase, won’t vote on new formula

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