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ECEA Child Care Update 5/4/23


Two New State Reports are Out Regarding the Development of Quality Standards for Colorado UPK


Members: Attend our next UPK Cohort to discuss these details. Also, find an update on UPK at: with up to date details on matches, etc.




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Link to the report:

Link to summary slides about the report:



Temple Sinai Preschool

Busy Bee Preschool and Early Learning Center

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Daily Pay as an Employee Benefit?

The Colorado Sun Shares Details:

Worker perk: Goodwill’s daily paycheck To attract and retain workers for its stores, Goodwill of Colorado tried a new tactic: paying employees daily. Through service partner DailyPay, Goodwill allows employees to access daily earnings right after completing a shift.

It’s like a payday loan but with no added fees — at least for the most part. The worker just needs to add DailyPay’s prepaid card and the app called Friday. This is made possible through a partnership with Visa so users can add the funds to their mobile wallet and make purchases.

A Goodwill employee brings a “boat” of donated items to the public area of the Outlet and Retail Support Center in Colorado Springs to be examined by shoppers on June 30, 2022. (Jeremy Sparig, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Or, if the worker doesn’t have Friday, they can wait a day to get the money transferred to their bank account. For those who don’t enroll in the mobile payment system or need the money immediately, there's a $3.49 fee for an instant transfer. There is no cost to employers, according to a DailyPay spokesperson.

Since it was implemented in August, 43% of Goodwill's workforce enrolled in the service. New hires are more eager to take advantage of the service with 59% enrolling. The DailyPay service also provides free financial coaching and counseling.

Ashley Furst, Goodwill’s spokeswoman, said it’s still early to make conclusions but as of this week, workers who use the service stick around longer.

“There's a 71.9% improvement in tenure when comparing DailyPay users to non-DailyPay users,” she said.

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