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FAMLI Town Hall Slides

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

capped at 1100 a week

FAMLI is paid. FMLA is unpaid leave.

FAMLI applies to virtually every employee in CO. FMLA 50+ employees

Self employed workers can opt in to FAMLI for wage benefits.

Register BEFORE April 30, 2023 at

Payroll companies are your TPA. Provide them with your account information so that they can operate on your behalf.

The Division of Insurance is allowing for private plans through insurers that you can purchase for this service as well.

Counts are in the first quarter of every year to determine premium counts for the year. (Small is less than 9 employees).

Additional rule development has yet to be developed by FAMLI.

Third Part Administrator (TPA): S Corps (1 employee). FAMLI looks at their own test on whether someone is an employee or not. As a consultant as an independent worker (not under direct control of another) AND you are the only employee then you are self employed and CAN opt in beginning in 2024 or can choose to not participate (register, report wages, etc).

If portal is saying you are already registered: TPA has already done so on your behalf. Verify with them.

If you have a 12 week paid leave plan in place can you opt out? MAYBE. Have to offer AT LEAST the amount the state offers (same criteria and coverage). Have to have a security in place in case you go bankrupt. Adjudication and Appeal processes need to be in place as a system too. FAMLI offers that.

Employer cannot require an employee to say, take all of their sick leave before this. Agreements can be in place. FAMLI is partial pay. Can combine the two to ensure regular average pay. Cannot force it and cannot deduct sick leave if they are on FAMLI.

Premium submissions are due within 30 days after quarter end. 1st quarter will have a grace period this year with no compliance until the end of May. Designed to look like the UI portal. (Unemployment Insurance Portal).

For questions:

1-866-CO FAMLI

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