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  • Dawn Alexander

Governor's ECE Budget ($750 Million for ECE)

The Governor's budget includes the following:

  • Staffing and Technology positions (UPK, Workforce, and Admin departments)

  • CDEC will add a UPK call center for support

  • 15 hours for all children at a minimum

  • 2% provider increase

  • K-12 will be fully funded.

  • Summer EBT program to serve 300,000 children over summer months.

Child Care Expense Credits -- $10M

Budget is returning to pre-pandemic funding levels due to the end of stabilization funds. $23M for UPK would also come from the passage of Prop ii. That budget modification will come later if it passes.

The $1M for the resource bank is on top of the $2.8M for LCOs!

(Increased Federal funding allows for these asks.)

$8.8 million for the cccap rates

$1.8 million for the paid absences.

$3.2 million for the alternative rating methodology.

$826,000 EC Workforce Unit.

More details on the State budget can be found at:

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