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How to Qualify Your Staff-Webinar

Updated: May 11, 2022

UPDATE 5/11/22 - According to Jennifer O'Brien:

To qualify a person as an ECT they need 21 points and THREE DAYS of work in the classroom. Use the affidavit and submit for their credential through PDIS.

ECEA conducted a training on the THREE main pathways to qualifying your staff. The three main pathways include:

1) Formal Education

2) Informal or Nontraditional Training

3) Early Childhood Credential 3.0

Thinking from this perspective will help you to not be overwhelmed by the information out there. The training also emphasizes the importance of a Credential and potential tax benefits for your employees.

That training recording can be found HERE. Slides are available HERE.

Note: ALL trainings (including onboarding trainings) in PDIS qualify towards a credential.

Also Note: IGNORE OPTION 2 on the Affidavit!! Do NOT use option #2 on the affidavit to qualify staff as a level1!!! If they've worked that many hours they will qualify for a level 2 credential and just need 19 hours of PDIS training within the past 3 years. THAT qualifies them for ECT in a FAR simpler way!

12/16/21: We received this feedback about the training: "This training was OUTSTANDING. By far the most helpful thing anyone has done. Thanks so much for the info. It helped us qualify a number of staff who have BA degrees not in education and some others also. "

1/5/22: It is VIVIDLY CLEAR...if you want QRIS points you NEED to get your staff credentials done!! If you do that you will get up to 28 points on your rating. Face it, that's a LOT when you need:

50 points = Level 3 rating

62 points = Level 4 rating

87 points = Level 5 rating

GET BUSY!!! Let us know if you are running into any issues!

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