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  • Dawn Alexander

New Jersey Shares UPK Impacts on their Statewide System

Children were entering school 6 months behind in academics and 18 months behind on communication. Mandated preschool, parent choice on utilizing it, School Districts were adding on 2 full grades for full day programing, so court said to include the community based providers. BA, 15 max group size. Community based programs had for the most part higher outcomes. Infants/toddlers were not benefiting in the same way. Far fewer dollars going into I/T classrooms. Inequity for I/T programs was obvious from the start.

School expansion funding expanded funding for low income families. Recession came but there was not money to expand until 2018.

Eligible school districts are NOT required to work with community based programs or Head Starts and have expanded their capacity over the years THEY ARE CHOOSING NOT TO.

Infant Toddler deserts are HUGE now. They broke it out by counties, communities, legislative districts, etc. Helped them to communicate to legislators.

Babies count showed how infant care wasn't available.

Think Babies Coalition.

Child care assistance is available to all infant child care workers.

Child tax credit for infant staff is higher.

Family child care is still leaving in DROVES.

All politics are LOCAL. You as Constituents have influence....especially parents!

For the recording:

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