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  • Dawn Alexander

New Mexico Child Care Details (presented to the Raise infant/toddler child care taskforce)

Their CCCAP equivalent program is statewide operated directly by the state instead of at the county level. NO parent co-pays. 3 month notification in case state cannot afford it anymore. Changed co-pay scale to be 5% of gross (in statute).

Had a competitive pay for professionals program that they used federal dollars on to increase pay by $3. Imbedded this into the reimbursement rate now if they remain in their statewide subsidy program (CCCAP).

Maybe in the future:

Right now there is pay parity on UPK pay so that it's in alignment with school districts pay. Looking to do the same for infant/toddler care.

Provided a cost model tool for providers. It helped them each to be able to identify how to increase their revenue.

They have business building tools that help them to walk through the process of establishing/expanding their business to the level that they want.

Need to increase almost 2m000 slots

We know that the state is changing the funding model for CCCAP now that it's been authorized by the Feds.

Funding wise, NM is fortunate to have a land grant funding source and the Trust Fund that is based on gas and oil. 10% or $250M which ever is higher.

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