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  • Dawn Alexander

Proposed Emergency Rule Changes for CCCAP

According to Federal Regs the leave could be as much as a year or even beyond that depending on the circumstances. No time restriction can be applied to that. Must return to their activity (working/job searching/education). State will provide training on this for counties so that consistency can be applied statewide.

This limit of 4 unrelated children is in statute, not in federal rule (which only required the definition).

Statute definition is currently:

26.5-5-304(1)(f)(I), C.R.S.

(I) An individual who provides less than twenty-four-hour child care in a place of residence when one of the following conditions is met: (A) The children being cared for are related to the caregiver, are children who are related to each other as siblings from a single family that is unrelated to the caregiver, or a combination of such children; or

(B) There are no more than four children being cared for, with no more than two children under two years of age from multiple families, regardless of the children’s relation to the caregiver.

Proposed Rule Draft:

RAC County Subcommittee Voted to recommend the proposed emergency rule set on 5/4/23.

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