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  • Dawn Alexander

Rules for January RAC

Moved forward from the County Subcommittee to the RAC.


EARLY INTERVENTION RULES approved in December by Dr. Lisa Roy. Went into effect January 1, 2023. The rule set has to be published in the Colorado Register, be available for public input and the possibility of a request for a cost benefit analysis through DORA. This rule set will be open to discussion at RAC again in early February and on Feb 24th Dr. Roy will adopt rules on a permanent basis.

You can see the revisions that were made here over the past month:

Want to know what the RAC will be reviewing over the coming year? You can see those details here:

01/03/23 Budget Submission: $4M GF in FY 22-23 and $3.5M GF in FY 23-24 and ongoing to support our critical Early Intervention workforce.

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