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"Safe Water" Bill - an unreasonable response/requirement HB22-1358

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Update: Listen to the Committee hearing on Tuesday 4/12. Starts at 1:30 but we are not likely to start until late afternoon, possible into the evening. listen to the HB 1358 Hearing.

Read the draft HERE. Then leave your comments! We want to be able to share them out with the state legislature. Willing to testify either in person or virtually? Email Dawn at

Bill Sponsors:;;

We KNOW that everyone that does child care LOVES children. This is not about whether or not you are concerned about their safety. That is a given!! THIS is about drafting new legislation when there is NO DATA to support the new requirements. Here is a summary of the bill by Colorado Capitol Watch:

We are going to HAVE to get engaged on this one and we need your help!!! Willing to testify? Email ECEA: WE NEED EVERYONE ENGAGED ON THIS ONE. It is going to take a THUNDER of noise to stop this initiative. They need to reframe it to an appropriate course of action to address the issue.

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