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  • Dawn Alexander

Sneak a Peak at the Developing Colorado Cost Model

Today at the Infant & Toddler Task Force Meeting, Julie Pecaut and Andrew Brodsky from The Bell Policy Center presented what has been accomplished so far with the cost model.

MEMBERS: Go to the members forum pages to the "Resources" forum. From there you can access some information on how to see what your rates would potentially be! It will be under the same heading.

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Golden Mountain Montessori
Golden Mountain Montessori
Jul 06, 2022

Dawn, were limitations on physical locations brought up at all?

The biggest obstacle we spend time on while struggling with a growth plan is local zoning. Everything else seems to be something that can be overcome (unfortunately with money and therefore increased rates).

Small-format neighborhood spaces would solve a lot of the state's issues while making stronger communities. When you can't have more than 6 children in a converted house that is licensed and meeting quality standards...the financial model just doesn't work!

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