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UPK Data Sept 20, 2023

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

ECEA did a CORA request. We've also working to pull a lot of data sources together in one document. CDEC as of 9/22/23 allowing for "Walk in" Registrations. We refer to those as direct enrollments. CDEC is clear that they intend only to allow those for this time of the year. ECEA will continue to advocate for year round access to this option for parents and programs.

CDEC told the press "As you can see, this is in no way "direct enrollment." At this stage of the preschool process -- ie, school already having begun -- “walk-ins," or families who are applying to preschool late, or whose children just aged in, are highly common. Our priority is to seat them as soon as possible, so they get as much preschool as possible, and families begin saving money immediately. This isn’t a change to our program delivery – providers have known of this process and asked for this “walk-in” service at this stage of the year to be part of Colorado Universal Preschool program during its planning phase. This is yet another example of CDEC working with providers since the beginning to meet their needs. The memo you received is merely the written formalization of what providers have known and expected since program launch."

As providers, we know that the ask from day one has been for Direct Enrollments (just like these walk-ins authorize). This is not a time limited request and our expectation is that this policy will extend forward without expiration.


CPP by the Numbers:

Our Data Document has CPP/ECARE/SPED data from the 2021 and 2022 School years.

We have data on the total and type of UPK seats. We will continue to build out additional summaries. You can access the document with it's reports here:

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