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  • Dawn Alexander

UPK Numbers Update

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

  • Monday 02/27, ran deferred acceptance algorithm (matching algorithm)

  • 26,345 4yo apps that were matched

  • 86.1% of those were matched to first choice

  • 94.3% matched to any one of their choices

  • 5.7% w no matches

    • Many of these are families that did not go back in and edit applications after being told the program they wanted no longer exists

    • They may have chosen to proceed w non-participating provider

    • Some only selected one provider (instead of 5)

    • The State is directly reaching out to each of these families

  • 4,328 3yos matched to school districts and partners

    • They will be handled by the districts

  • March 30th - families will receive offer from matched providers

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