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UPK Update

Crosswalk Requirements to Existing Standards:

Q & A:

Will CDEC allow alumni enrollment? A: Do give priority for continuity of care (currently in program). Don't currently have alumni status but are looking at potentially weighting that and other priorities. Want to ensure equitable access for families that previously could not access care. Trying to strike a balance for access.

Declines in FCCH and Infant care in other states nationwide with UPK implementation. What is the plan to avoid that in Colorado? A: What gets funded remains. 1) UPK carve out for 3 year olds; 2) provider bonus bill for Infant/toddler care and for those that didn't previously participate in UPK programming through CPP.

CCCAP family enrollment difficulties: A: blending, stacking funds there is a work group considering the differences and expectations that will work with both programs based on Federal guidelines and state efforts. Working to make fluidly available for families and programs. Building a toolkit for counties to support planning for this. That is in the works.

Procedural side for matching families and enrollment. All children need access, continuity of care, additional funding for full day option, you as a program have until matched or until the fall to get accomplished.

Can FFN providers enroll? A: No not at this time. There are ongoing efforts to build this out. Is this the right time/space to do this? Being thoughtful about that.

UPK rates are making the program inaccessible to many programs because the rates are lower than being charged. A: Regionally established, Starting a pilot to look into how to support this. This is a conversation with providers that are experiencing this. Paying quality costs, paying teachers more to compete with school districts, benefits, retirement. Hoping the state rate will be more reflective of this in the future but will never be at that higher level. Some families might be willing to make up the difference of the gap. (would require a rule change to allow), Maybe you are staying in the black with a specific number and scholarship for upk participants to go above that funding amount through fundraising, etc. Searching for options to pilot. ECEA is participating....reach out if you have questions about this!

How will the layers of funding work? A: 15 hours funds are first in. Stack DPP funds after. Complex based on how local funds are defined. Don't want to create expectations of other revenue streams. Other funding to support full day, extended day and summer care for children. Similar to stacking blocks with hours.

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