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  • Dawn Alexander

We are Thankful for YOU

We at ECEA want to thank our members for their hard work this year. We want to honor you for the blood, sweat and tears that you pour into your business every single day. We want to celebrate the impact that your commitment and efforts have in the community around you.

  • You made it possible for the families in your care to sustain their households by maintaining their jobs.

  • You, taught children everyday, that the way we treat others matters, that learning is fun, that things in this world can be interesting and amazing. You teach them that they can be a person with impact and joy.

  • You told early childhood teachers that their work DOES matter and that you appreciate everything that they do. You looked for every opportunity to encourage them and support them in their career path. You found ways to engage them from their point of passion so that they could stand proud in their profession.

  • You found innovative and efficient ways to keep the doors open, even when it seemed impossible.

  • You ensure that every adult and child is safe in your environment. You go beyond, working to make sure that each and every one of them thrives!

  • You remain, even with the confusion of systems and overwhelming possibilities that lack structure. You remain, because you know how much the work that you and your business do every day, matters!!

So, when you get past the chaos of cooking turkeys and sitting with family, please take a minute to really ponder the true impact that you have. And PLEASE remember that you are not alone in this work. We are here to support you!!


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