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  • Dawn Alexander

What our members know from this weeks update -- 10/19/23

  • Administrative Appeals Rules and Regulations Rule Set Open for Public Comment for ONE WEEK

  • Is Your Program in Adams, Boulder, Denver, or Pueblo County? Shared Marketing Approach.

  • 2023 Sunset Review results of the rulemaking authority of the ED of CDEC

  • State response to the School District Lawsuit

  • Zero-Cost Training program for in demand jobs in Early Childhood

  • Details about the school district hold harmless attestations

  • State Child Care Tax Supports for businesses and parents

  • ECLC work plan for 2023-2025

  • 2023 Colorado policy roadmap summary (P-3)

  • Free connections if you are buying/selling your business.

YOU can save THOUSANDS on ANY health plan. ECEA members understand that there is tangible value in joining. Some are saving $60,000 a year in credit card processing fees. Some are going to save $11,300 in health insurance costs. $50 off an hour for legal services? Saving 15% from Kaplan? Easy to use Payroll services from a full service payroll/HR company? ECEA is ALL ABOUT ADVOCACY -----AND we are making a difference in the bottom line for businesses. Every month that you delay in joining, you lose money that you could have saved!

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