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Membership Benefits

If you are not a member of ECEA you are losing money.  Check out these GREAT cost savings benefits for your program!

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ECEA Member Benefits Summary

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*Members receive discounted services and priority enrollment in free services.  Trainings provide training certificates for members that watch live or recorded trainings.

*Free Business consultations from Board members or from credentialed coach to earn 2 points on your QRIS rating.

*Support and advocacy for your situation!

*Paid Lobbyist working for your business.

                                                                  And SO much more!
Receive some of the best rates and customer service for your business liability and worker's comp insurance.

Decrease your Payroll costs by 20-40% .  Receive outstanding customer service support for your HR needs.  Journey will pay your membership fees up to $300 a year with ECEA if you make the switch!  Get details HERE.
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The ECEA Health Plan has a wide variety of options for you and your business.  The plans in 85% of membership will drive down costs by up to 35%.  Details are coming to our website around October 1.  Check back to find out what you can save!
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Credit Card Processing

for $5 a month

Contact for details on how to set this up!

Receive FREE access to the ELV Shared Resource Platform.  Average cost savings include: $7,900 annual on food and beverage, $580 on classroom supplies, $300 on office supplies.  ECEA membership provides you with this AMAZING resource for FREE ($100 cost savings a year).  ALSO, ECEA members receive $10 off a month for their ELV CORE membership! 
Receive terrific membership discounts through our member pages.  Your staff can participate in their fully supported CDA program for $499.  So put that grant money to good use. That's a cost savings of $300 each.  Maximize your grant funding budget!
Laura Hazen provides a $50 an hour discount on legal services for ECEA members.        
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Access an entire toolkit of supports through this great resource.  You and your employees can engage in therapeutic supports online at an amazing price!  Receive 20% off first month. 
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15% discount and free shipping on order over $300 (some exclusions may apply)       
5% discount or great discounted prices to meet your needs!  
Receive a free print subscription to Exchange Magazine, and a free subscription to ExchangeEveryDay (EED).  These sources will help to keep you current in industry information nationwide.  
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State law no longer allows self administration of radon testing.  Our partner will provide you with great service and a 15% discount for being in membership!
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10% discount for members!
Hinge offers GREAT trainings for ECEA on running an efficient and effective programs.  Contact information is on our member pages if you are interested in buying or selling your program.   
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Get a Free year of membership for pricing your Family Child Care Home Business Insurance.   Contact: 

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Seniors make the most AMAZING subs, business advisors and employees!!  

  Membership Details

**If you have any difficulty with the online registration, please email  We will send you a Quickbooks Invoice!

Family Child Care Home  - $50

Small Center/PRS (15 or less in capacity) - $200 for 1st 2 locations each ($120 for locations 3+ each)

Large Center/PRS (16+ in capacity) - $250 for 1st 2 locations each  ($140 for locations 3+ each)
  OR a monthly payment of $25 through this link.

School Aged Programs - $60 for 1st 2 locations each ($50 for locations 3+ each)


Please note for 2023:

100% of your membership fees are tax deductible as we have enough other revenue to cover the cost of our lobbying efforts.

When you click on the Join Now! box you will be taken to our Zeffy form to process your payment with out any credit card fees.  When it says: 


"Support the 100% free platform we use!" Just select "other" and enter a 0

If you prefer to join another way you can send a check to our PO box at:


                                                       ECEA of Colorado

                                                       PO Box 336054

                                                       Greeley, CO 80633

Otherwise email me at we will send you a QuickBooks invoice with a 2% surcharge.

Get Involved too!

We need you to be actively engaged in ECEA as a member.   We need to hear from you so that we can provide a consistent voice for your business statewide. Together we can accomplish amazing things.  Now that you've seen our GREAT member benefits, let us know if we are missing anything that can support you and your business!

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