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  • Dawn Alexander

ECE Teacher Workforce Wages Pilot is coming soon!

Did you know that by reducing your program turnover by 10% you can save your program $6,500 a year?

CDEC has $3 Million dollars to runt his Pilot and will be doing so for the next few fiscal years.

CDEC is going to be RANDOMLY selecting Programs that:

1) Serve children 0-5

2) Have at least a 50% CCCAP rate for their enrollment

3) Have a level 3-5 Colorado Shines rating

That is only 2% (or approximately 75 center based programs) statewide.

From those, 20-25 programs will be randomly selected to opt in to the Wage increase Pilot, effecting 300-325 teachers in out industry.

Other considerations that ECEA can think of:

If you have multiple sites and all sites are not selected, you may want to pass on this program as staff at programs not included in the pilot would be making significantly less money.

They will be tracking teacher retention to see the impacts of the program.

You will be contacted directly if you meet the criteria to potentially opt in to the pilot.

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