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It doesn't matter what health plan you select.  ClaimLinx changes the way you shop and think about health insurance!  Start paying ONLY for the services your employees utilize.   

Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan

Screenshot 2023-10-13 135624.png

How is this possible?

It's not easy to take a complex program and boil it down to an easy one page explainer.  ECEA also ALWAYS wants you to understand the inner workings of the Value Added Services you can access as an ECEA member.  Here is a detailed book on how it all works! 

Here are some other resources:

Here is a quick explainer video on what a MERP (Section 105 IRS-1954 tax law) 


Here's a YouTube Explainer Video (Anthony's audio is a bit rough but you can still tell what he is saying): 




An example of how they track it all (cost analysis). 




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