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An Exclusive Plan Built for ECEA Members Statewide


ECEA has partnered with World Insurance to craft a healthcare plan built exclusively for ECEA members.

Healthcare coverage is one of the most volatile costs for employers.  With the ECEA Health Plan, ECEA members can minimize the costs and stress of finding and providing employees coverage. Through the ECEA Health Plan you, your employees, and their families are covered.

There are no surprises.  Have your employees fill out their health survey and our Concierge will let you know whether your existing plan or the ECEA Health Plan is a better option!

You cannot afford to shop from your current plan or the Colorado Marketplace until you've priced out the ECEA plan!  

Find out more from our What's Up Wednesday Interview with our Strategic Partners at ELV:

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ECEA Health Plan Features
Summary PDF



Employees Complete the Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ)

English, 10 minutes, Encrypted, HIPAA compliant

(enter 0's and 1's for social security if you do not want to provide right now)


THE PHQ.  Contact agents below for details!


Review Plans & Rates

Once your PHQ is evaluated, you’ll be able to review and compare the plans available. A choice of plans makes it easier to find the right fit for your

group.  Make sure you MAKE EACH PROGRAM A MEMBER OF ECEA so

that you can be eligible to purchase your health plan.


Choose Your Plan & Get Enrolled

After reviewing and choosing your plan, you’ll enroll. Once enrolled, you will receive your new health plan cards. An experienced team is always ready to provide expertise before and after you have chosen your plan.

Steps to Take to Your Program Pricing

Not an ECEA member yet?  No problem!  Do steps 1 & 2 with your staff and you will find out how much the plan will save you!  If you love what you can join then (we are sure you will love ALL of our value added services!)

We will be getting a NEW PHQ link shortly.  Then the button will work!

Note:  Your specific plan will be placed in a specific tier to ensure that health costs are accurate.  This will keep you from being billed at the end of the year because of overutilization!  To find out your programs actual rate, you need to follow the above steps!

General Health Plan Comparisons:
Cigna Health Plan

(Sheet says First Health - Benefits outlined are same as CIGNA.  World Health has moved to a CIGNA and RBP Option Plan.
RBP Plan

Network Search for Your Health Provider 
Cigna Health Plan network
RBP Plan Network
Note:  Provider lists are NOT complete.  Please ask your health provider if they are in network.

For assistance contact:

Terence Gorman

Director, Group Benefits

(646) 438-4959


Schedule a 30 minute call:

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