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Driving Down Business Costs for Members!

Now you can end credit card processing fees!

How much do you pay in a year in credit card processing fees?  Whether you use EFT's with the occasional credit card charge or allow parents to use them all the time, you NOW have the opportunity to only pay $5 Dollars a month for credit card processing!!

Sound too good to be true...IT'S NOT!

ECEA found a partner that can support your business that has the SAME values as we do:                    EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Look and find out how much you are paying in processing fees.  Now imagine taking that much money, breaking it into small bills and stacking them up in the corner of the room.  Now light the pile on fire.  If you are paying processing fees higher than $5 a month, that is precisely what you are doing with your money RIGHT NOW!!!

Instead, think of all of the other uses you have for those funds.  Make the switch and put your plan into action.  

We are posting every resource that we have to share with you details about this product offering.


NO Risk to try it! 
Prioritize this and make a difference for your business.

Or view the White Board Video here:

If you are passing on more than 2% to your customers NOW...You are operating illegally.  Did you know that you are NOT allowed to do that for debit cards??

Don't deal with the hassle!  Simplify your process and get the revenue you need.

Robby Bryant

Have questions?  Robby has answers!!  Give him a call.

(843) 801-5488

Find out other ways to save money on business costs!
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