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6/15/23 ECEA Child Care Update


Provider Report here:

ECEA's Executive Director is a member of the ECWD (Early Childhood Workforce Development) Subcommittee with ECLC (the Early Childhood Leadership Council). She also participated in the Compensation task force and at each task force meeting highlighted the concern about potential impacts of messaging via these reports (linked above). ECEA hears from programs consistently on how this plan is not possible for them without additional funding. The Efshar Network (formerly known as the Colorado Jewish ECE Initiative) conducted network specific research under CIRCLE funding. We wanted to extrapolate from their findings the overall funding amount that would be required to support every licensed child care center, home and preschool that is currently in our system at the level that the report recommends. To do that we utilized a few basic assumptions:

  • We assume that for centers/preschools they could be grouped in sets of 12 programs with approximately 250 employees per grouping with similar compositions. This will make it reasonably comparable to the Efshar project.

  • For family child care homes, we grouped 250 homes together, the majority of which do not have staff, including many large homes that choose to operate with fewer children so that they do not have to hire staff. (250 homes equals one group.)

  • We've divided the number of centers and preschools by 12 to create separate networks similar to those in Efshar.

  • For the purposes of this discussion, we are assuming that all programs are paying their staff the same as the programs within the Efshar network. This is likely not the case but it will give us a baseline to work from. It also makes it clear that the amount listed below is a minimum amount of revenue needed to implement the report. Average compensation in their network ranges from $17-25 with an average pay of $22/hour. You can access their details on slides

  • While we recognize the intent of the work is to find a way to elevate the industry, we continue to be concerned with the lack of practicality.

Totals from the above chart indicate that there are 1411 family child care homes and 2118 centers/preschools.

1411 homes-161 homes-1,250/12 (programs with 250 staff)=5 groupings

2118 (programs)/12 (grouped by 12 programs averaging 250 staff)=176.5 groupings

5+176.5 groupings equals 181.5 total groups (child care centers/homes)

For each grouping requiring at a minimum $5 million dollars, with all of our assumptions, the cost to fund existing programs up to the level that the state reports indicate would be

181.5 groups x $5 million equals:

$907.5 MILLION Dollars in ADDITIONAL revenue

Just something to think about!

**Details about the Efshar CIRCLE project can be found on slides 28-60 here:


There are 34 School Districts That Will Never Receive Funding EVER For Their 3 year Olds Under Current Statute

HB22:1295 established that 3 year old funding rates going forward would be based on the 2023 school year CPP allocations. You can find a link to the state allocation document here:

This is based on the following 2022-2023 CPP enrollment numbers:

Families that have the misfortune of living in the following 34 school districts will never have access to paid Special Education Funding for their 3 year olds unless statute changes. Some did not participate in CPP (the Colorado Preschool Program) because they did not have any 3 year olds this year.

Those School Districts include:

Agate 300 Arickaree R-2 Branson Reorganized 82

Burlington Re-6J Campo Re-6 Cheraw 31

Cheyenne County Re-5 Creede School District Deer Trail 26J

Eads Re-1 Edison 54 Jt Estes Park R-3

Gilpin County Re-1 Hayden Re-1 Hoehne Reorganized 3

Holly Re-3 Lone Star 101 Manzanola 3J

Mc Clave Re-2 Meeker Re1 Otis R-3

Ouray R-1 Plateau Re-5 Peyton 23 Jt

Prairie Re-11 Pritchett Re-3 Pueblo County 70

Rangely Re-4 Sanford 6J South Conejos Re-10

Swink 33 Walsh Re-1 Widefield 3

Wiley Re-13 Jt

The baseline that was established this year for funding 3 year old's in public schools was: $37,702,802.78 (increasing annually with inflation).

Because the above listed school districts did not have 3 year olds in care under CPP this year they will NEVER be able to access this funding. It is obvious to us that a great deal of things have to change to with regards to the 3 year olds in our Preschool system.

We ask:

  • What's equitable about that?

  • We are aware that because of the federal funding source for 3 year olds, CDEC does not consider them to be a part of the UPK (Universal Preschool) program established by the state. To avoid confusion for families and programs, all Preschool statewide needs to be UPK. The only option currently is for funded school districts to subcontract.

  • Isn't there a better mixed delivery solution that we can come up with?

School Districts, if you are interested in subcontracting for 3 year olds in your community, contact us at and we will help make this happen in an efficient way! Our members care about children and quality services for their families!!


Have you taken the survey yet?


CreSer Early Childhood Education

Wildflower Nature School

The Neighborhood Play School



No one can go it alone in this industry! Our members understand how critical it is to have a voice in policy meetings FOR YOU! They provide input and feedback that informs the discussions that are taking place while you run your business. The reality is...we wouldn't be here without them. Receiving this email doesn't mean you are a member...our members provide that to you for FREE.

If you want to be able to say that you make a difference for our industry, we need you to JOIN NOW! Our annual fees are reasonable and ensure that the discussions that need to happen are happening for you!

Large Center License: $250

Small Center License: $200

Family Child Care Home: $50

School Aged Program: $60

Only YOU can strengthen the voice of Child Care Businesses Statewide!


Nature Based Programs

These programs are on the increase nationwide, approaching 800 programs, 70% of which have wait lists. Colorado is expanding their Center rules to allow for this innovative model. Those are going to be heard soon at the Rules Advisory Council. First they have to be approved by the Attorney Generals Office, then the Federal team, then they will be open for Public input. We will let you know when the Center rules become available!


New Employee Compliance Training 6/29/23 9-11 a.m. (last time free under CIRCLE)

Get your new staff started with actual understanding of child care regulations and how to apply them in their classrooms.

Link to register (members only): (click book now and then click next availability button)

Child Care Beginnings 8-Noon on 6/15/23 & 6/25/23 (last time free under CIRCLE)

Everything you need to know to open and operate a child care business! New Director's, this is a great way to get the foundational knowledge that you need for your job!

Link to register: (click book now and then click next availability button)



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