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Bill 1 - "Early Childhood Educator Income Tax Credit"--HB 22-1010

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

It's back! This bill is being introduced by the Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission. If it passes this legislative session it will mean tax credits for workforce for 5 income tax years (2022-2026).

Requirements Include:

  1. The professional had an early childhood credential for at least 6 months for the income tax year that the credit is claimed.

  2. Is either the licensee or an employee of a licensed child care program.

  3. Program has a Colorado Shines rating of 2 or higher.

  4. Program has a CCCAP contract or meets Federal Head Start requirements.

  5. Has a federal adjusted gross income equal to or less than $75,000 for an individual OR $85,000 for an individual filing a joint return. ** the joint return amount may have an amendment to increase this amount.

Tax Credit Amounts:

  • Credential levels I, IV, V, VI = $500.00

  • Credential levels II = $750.00

  • Credential levels III = $1,000.00

Starting in 2023, amounts will be adjusted based on inflation. One credit per tax year per educator. By January 1, 2023 and annually, the Department must provide an electronic report to the department of revenue with details on who qualifies. This blog will be updated as the bill progresses.

11/1/21 - Approved by the Board and will be placed in the House for the 2022 session. Sponsors include: Sirota & Van Beber/Buckner & Kirkmeyer

1/12/22 - Bill introduced to the House--Assigned to the Education Committee

Fiscal Impact:

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