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ECEA Child Care Update 11/10/23

ECEA is still working to elevate YOUR VOICE for year round direct enrollments. We've provided the results to Dawn Odean, Director or Universal Preschool, as well as to the Governor's office so that they are aware that this is a specific need and expectation for programs going forward! We will let you know if we need you to elevate your voice directly at any point!

Matching Ends November 6 - All Participating Providers

The final matching round will take place on Monday, November 6 for the current year enrollment. Applications will remain open with communication directing families to complete the application and then enroll directly with their provider of choice. Moving forward, providers can work solely on direct placement with their LCO, similar to how providers manage the hybrid enrollment environment, but will no longer need to review matches in the application portal.



  • The Department has released their budget requests for the pending legislative session. Here's the quick summary:

Stakeholder Meeting: November 13, 2023, at 3:00 - 4:00 pm - Please register to

attend the UPK Quality Standards webinar HERE.

Access Materials: All rulemaking material received and collected will be publicly

accessible and stored in the UPK Quality Standards Public Folder. This includes the

draft UPK Quality Standards rules, webinar recordings, and public comments.

  • There's a feedback opportunity for the CDEC Strategic Plan. Please note this question under the Economic Mobility portion of the plan:

We ask....with all you do, 1) being a CCCAP provider, 2) participating in UPK, you want government running more of your business??? This question has an inherent problem...the term UNIVERSAL CHILD CARE. I was told there is not the financial means to do this. Our concern is the intent to get there. You give your input on what you believe! The future of child care hinges on moments like these!


Our members MAKE things happen....You can too!


Membership MATTERS!!

Our members understand how critical it is to have a voice in policy meetings FOR YOU! They provide input and feedback that informs the discussions that are taking place while you run your business. The reality is...we wouldn't be here without them. Receiving this email doesn't mean you are a member...our members provide that to you for FREE.

Our annual fees are reasonable and ensure that the discussions that need to happen are happening for you!

Large Center License: $250 (option for $25/month)

Small Center License: $200 (option for $20/month)

Family Child Care Home: $50

School Age Programs: $60

Only YOU can strengthen the voice of Child Care Businesses Statewide!


JF: One thing I like the most about this trainig is.... "The way Peggy explains everything in a down to earth fashion."

RR: One thing that would improve this training is...."I would say having more trainings like this one."

IL: "Peggy was very great at teaching us and she made it FUN."

AM: "I would like to had more time, it was fun, engaging and informative."

SM: "Peggy was very funny and it made the training more enjoyable. The jeopardy was interactive and that drew the audience into the training more.

2024 dates are starting to fill up. Get YOUR day reserved now.


NEW FIRE CODE VIOLATION IN LAFAYETTE---Check with your fire department to find out in advance if it applies to you!



AND....they will pay for your first year of membership with ECEA when you sign up with them!!! That's what we call "TWO WINS!!"




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