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  • Dawn Alexander

URGENT NEED Survey (includes 12/30/21 input )

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

ECEA asked providers how close they are to closing. This is what you shared with us:

46 Programs state they will have to close by end of year, representing 2548 child care spaces.

An additional 82 programs are at risk in January of the 400, accounting for an additional 3162 child care spaces. That's a TOTAL of up to 128 programs (37.8% of respondents) potentially closing down 5710 child care spaces by the end of January.

Of significant concern, are the number of programs and owners who have taken on debt since 10/1/21 to sustain their business while waiting for sustainability funds.

The GRAND total for DEBT that has been taken on since the beginning of October by 400 programs: $7,6373. That's a LOT of debt being taken on by an industry with very low margins.

PLEASE HANG IN THERE. OEC is working to release funds asap!!

Feeling alone in the mess of it all? View program comments HERE.

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