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Conversations with Community Based Programs

ECEA has had many conversations lately with programs about their feelings about being service providers in the child care industry today. Boards are asking whether a program should close their doors because it's too much to keep up with and every new thing has a new requirement. ECEA wants you to know that there IS hope for the industry! This legislative season we've elevated our members voices to have impact on the following issues:

  • Partnerships MATTER and ECEA and CDEC are working together to achieve industry improvements that will make a difference for your program.

  • Passage of SB24-002 - to make property tax initiatives possible in localities statewide. Naming child care as an area of public concern in your county will mean that the board of county commissioners can then provide tax incentives for privately owned child care programs (putting them on a level with non-profit and school district programs). This applies to centers and homes! Early Childhood Councils will be the local contact to support these efforts and ECEA will provide supports as needed and will track statewide data on outcomes. (increase revenue)

  • UPK programs that have a level 4-5 Colorado Shines rating can maintain 1:12 ratios.

  • The mandated reporter task force that we are working on is making many recommendations to improve abuse/neglect reporting, including the recommendation to use a Should I report tool that provides confirmation that you used the tool if advised not to report an incident to the county. (decrease administrative burdens)

  • UPK has a pre-registration process so that programs can retain their existing families for continuity of care. (sustain revenue)

  • The CCCAP task force is making progress towards CCCAP increases that are no longer based on market surveys. (increase revenue)

  • Our members are saving significant amounts of money due to our Value Added Service Providers. (save revenue)

    • A cost savings of $50 an hour for members when they need legal services through H&K Law, LLC.

    • Anyone not using a child care platform can use STRIPE and drive your monthly credit card fees down to $5.00 a month.

    • Kaplan savings last year for members was over $200,000!

    • Family Child Care Homes can get an ECEA membership for FREE by getting a business insurance quote done by Just tell them ECEA sent you!

    • Payroll services through Journey Payroll saves 20-40% on your current payroll costs AND gets you a free ECEA membership in your first year (and $100/year thereafter).

    • We can help you change your thinking about health for what you use! Contact to find out more.

    • Cost savings on Radon testing via Protect Environmental and Playground inspections from Colorado Playground Inspections too!

We have additional partnerships where the People make the difference:

  • CCIG for business insurance. They have the tenacity to support child care programs in the best way possible under all of the insurance cost pressures today.

  • A couple more on the way that we can't wait to tell you about!

Do you LIKE to burn money???



WE have hope because ECEA members are making a difference!


MEMBERS ONLY and the last day to register is Monday 4/8!


The Cities of Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville and the Town of Erie are collectively exploring a potential increase to the local minimum wage in their respective communities, as allowed by state law. At the end of this exploration, these municipalities will consider an increased minimum wage level that is competitive, responsive to current and future needs, and meets as many shared outcomes as possible. The minimum wage amount will be determined through thorough research and community engagement over the next few months.

The results of the analysis will include recommendations for a new target wage, how to escalate the target, and how the new minimum wage could be adjusted annually after the initial target is reached. Beginning this month, there are opportunities to engage virtually and in-person, with English and Spanish options. Community engagement will help elected officials understand how much people are currently being paid, how people feel about raising the minimum wage, and any positive and negative impacts that may come to individuals, businesses, and the community.

People are invited to respond to the online questionnaire, and in particular local governments are inviting low wage earners and employers to participate in one of many focus group sessions available. The window for engagement is expected to close on April 15. In summer of 2024, councils will be presented with feedback from community engagement as well as the findings of the third-party economic analysis as they consider if and how to move forward with an increase to the minimum wage.

Each engagement session is designed with a specific audience in mind; however, anyone is welcome to attend any session. Business sessions are intended for business owners, employers and self-employed people. Community sessions are intended for near-minimum-wage earners, students and retirees. Spanish interpretation will be available at all events, and some of the business and community sessions will be offered completely in Spanish (with English interpretation).

ECEA will be present at the April 11th meeting. We STRONGLY encourage other programs in the area to attend the session to provide your statement about the impacts on your business whether new wage requirements or on what the target range will be that is incrementally incorporated over a number of years.

Online survey

Please complete the survey by April 15, 2024

If municipalities decide to move forward with the implementation of a new minimum wage it would become effective on January 1, 2025. For more information on this effort visit their Regional Minimum Wage project website.

  • Escalation is limited to $1.75 or 15%, EACH YEAR whichever is higher. (per HB19-1210). In Boulder the 15% is higher, adding the potential of $2.16 more an hour to the business cost per employee, setting baseline at $16.58 as the maximum new minimum wage. Any wage raise – either an escalation to a target or an annual adjustment – must happen at the same time as state increases on January 1.


View the full report here:

Or watch the webinar here:


Are you engaged with our Partner....ECSC??

They have innovative solutions for workforce and have single handedly added more than 120 older adults into the industry workforce statewide. Find out how they can support your program! See details about their program here:


In order to receive this bonus, you must complete the application that Metrix IQ sent you on Friday, March 15th. Please check your spam and junk folders. If you did not receive an application, please contact them immediately through this Help DeskOnly completed applications will be considered for this Spring Bonus. 




Scott Bright Wins State Assembly with a Vote of 34-5. No Primary in his state Senate campaign for District 13!

If Child care matters to you, consider supporting his Senate Campaign. All donations can make a difference: It's our opportunity to have a Child Care Owner in the State Senate.


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